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Anyone can recommend me any camera?
Sunday, April 3, 2011 | 4:30 AM

Anyone can recommend me any camera?

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Tagged tagged tagged.
Sunday, December 19, 2010 | 7:01 AM

I'm tagged by Lolli. And that's why I'm here ! :D

Reporter: Why did you create this blog?
Me: I create this blog as a lot of my friends have blogs. :D

Reporter: What kind of blogs do you follow?
Me: I follow the blogs that catch my attention. (:

Reporter: What is your favourite make-up brand?
Me: I dun use it. >,<

Reporter: What is your favourite clothing brand then? Dun tell me you use it? *Sniggles*
Me: I dun have any favourite brand currently. :L

Reporter: What is your indespensible make-up product?
Me: I dun wear make-up~

Reporter: What is your favourite colour?
Me: I love all of the colours. (:

Reporter: Your favourite perfume is...?
Me: I dun use them. :L

Reporter: What is your favourite movie?
Me: I have a lot of movie that I like, but I like The Karate Kid the most. :P

Reporter: What country would you like to go and why?
Me: Korean maybe? Cause I wanna see SHINee ! :D

Reporter: Make this last question yourself and answer it.
Me: What do you like to drink? Cola...

Alicia, Angela, Janice, Jeslyn, Kelly, Melissa & Zack.
I tagged you! Yes, YOU ! :D

Saturday, December 18, 2010 | 7:21 AM

Okays, I'm back. Ate much of Stax and drank Cola! :D Thanks Julie for the merry christmas gift. (: Love it much. Today went to Weixiang's house to check the books, after that went to Cwp saw a group of people gathering around some station, went there for a look and saw them putting ice cubes into some kind of bucket and follow by the cola drinks. After that, went to mcdonalds to have lunch. LOLOL. Mcdonalds again, yeah... McChicken, Iced Milo and fries. >:O Hehe.. Fries can't eat finish, too much. :( Went to Metro to look for something, then walk down the streets, going to wait for bus, and we saw the cola ~ And it's free for us! Lol. We took 3 bottles. Keke... And yesterday, I found my handphone by accident. LOL. Found underneath my pillow's sheet. (: I dun know when I can top-up my handphone. :L Bored much. Afternoon, was blogwalking. Nothing left much now, so.. bye. :P

Christmas around the corner.
Friday, December 17, 2010 | 7:19 AM

As you all know, Christmas is around the corner. In Habbo I'm exchanging presents with my friends. And also, I'm thinking of adding snowflakes to my blog. Uh, I got the code from Alicia, but doesn't work. Dun know why. Tried changing the background and add it again, doesn't work too. :L Okay, today's just a normal day. It's just that my Cousin's not at my house ler. They went back to their home. Bye, today's post is until here.

Latee !
Thursday, December 16, 2010 | 8:11 AM

Opps, sorry for the delay of blogging. Actually should be blogging at 11pm. But, now it's 12am alr! Sorry... I was just back from the Chinese Garden's Swimming Pool. Play until got sunburn. O; Both of my legs are damn red! Arms... Quite okay.. Heng~ My face never get sunburn. Lol. Just visited Alicia's blog. Saw her new posts with the emotions! Omg, they're so damn cute! >,< Okay, let's get straight to the point of the picture above. Yesterday night, I was bored and visited my friends blogs. Visited Laura's blog and saw this picture. I heard of this story before. Heard from Xueqi. And I cried the first time when hearing this story. Lol. >,< Read the story now. Lol, okay, byebye. (:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 | 7:20 AM

Hello, I'm back to blog. Today went to the Singapore Zoo. Saw lots of animals. Penguins are so damn cute! I   love them! x] Today quite good mood luhs. But, not really. :l Guess what, just now when finding the picture above in google. I saved this picture liao. Then suddenly my mouse hang like that. I anyhow go press, then press until a dick image. Omg. DAMN. Stupid. I see awhile, then I go vomit liao. LOL. Eh, really sia. Really go vomit. Then come back, immediately close the window. Then come blog. (: I so guai rights? 1st Show, is about not to destroy the Rainforest. (: After the show, we went to continue on animals. Then after animals, we came back to the Show section again. We watch the Sea Lion. Then suddenly the Sea Lion have to get inside the water.. Then SPLASH! Luckily not at my side there, after that side two times, it's my side liao, also two times. My whole Tee-shirt wet. Omg. Damn. LOL. But the show very nice sia. Anyways, I saw the Sea Lion clap. Aww, so cute! Damn it. I wanna adopt it! xD Okay, it's the end. I think. Lol. Byes. (:

Monday, December 13, 2010 | 7:51 AM

LOL. Today very fun. Jonghyun damn shuaii + hawt luh! Handsome die! Taemin is cute + hawtt.Onew is cute + shuai. Omgg. LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIcCmLvjNRQ this website to the got technical problem de video. When the music stops, Jonghyun gone blank. LOL. Damn cute sial! Then Minho and Teamin was like, wtf. LOL. Sorry for not updating yesterday, cause I too busy chatting with Leng. (: Leng, relax luh ~ Lol. Okay, bye. Nothing more alr. :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010 | 7:22 AM

Hello, I'm backk. I watch this movie before skool holidays, I guess? Yes, and now I'm recommending this movie to you. Watch the 3D one, so nice. The movie was quite a simple story plot, but I still like it. (: I love her long hair, romance and comedy inside. :P The guy quite shuai one. Lol. This movie is kind of scary + amusing. You should try to watch it soon. (: Okay, so now let's skip to my day. Today I sleep at 9am+ wake up at 4pm+. Woahh~ Then I missed the Gravity thingy. :( Then chat chat chat with leng, Angela, Jacq, Kelly & Jane. Then night, leng, kelly & Angela all bully me. Give me porn web sia. D: Walao. Then suddenly my dad say I got virus. Zzz. Then now leng spamming the invitation saying "Weggy is Wenny's". Mean is WhateverGirl501 belongs to wennyking's. Continue with "See, perfect match right." And continuing with "Cute couple!!!" Lol. Okay. :P Dun need to break the cute and sweet couples. No one could ever break them up. 
I'm bored now, it's going to be morning, and I found a message. (: Look at this kool message uh. A child said to his mom, Mommy, I coloured your sheets with lipstick. With anger, the mother starts to hit her son until he was unconscious. Later, she regrets what she has done. Crying, she says to her child, please open your eyes. But, it was too late, his tiny heart has stopped beating. When she walk into the room, her sheets said, I love you mommy. Reblog to raise child abuse awareness. (: That's the end of it. How touching was that. When it was my first time reading it, my tears were starting to roll down. I couldn't control them. Aww, still in Habbo chatting with Kelly. <: We two always never sleep. Ohh... She says she's going training now. She's using her iPhone to play Fb when she's out. Rich girl, so good.
Okay, today's a short post, byebye.

I'mma back with new account.
Friday, December 10, 2010 | 7:56 AM

Kays, I'm back to blog agains. Hmm... About today? My mum was planning to go swimming but I dun want to go. And that's why we ended up not going. We stay at home to clean the whole house since we so sian and my cousin is coming next Tues. <: I'm so excited! Hope the day's coming soon. At 11 something, went out to Kopitiam to have my breakfast. While eating, there was a fight in the Kopitiam. But not really a fight. Is just a customer scolding the uncle, cause the customer wait for the Seafood so long already. But the customer shouldn't scold the uncle what. He think he's the only person waiting for the Seafood meh? Want to eat, then wait. If not, just fk off can. == Want to eat good food, then must be patient one mahs. He dun know he'll like have no face de meh? Cause of the Seafood you go scold people? If someone call the reporter or what come the Kopitiam how? Uh, then you'll be famous, dun think being famous is very good hor. Some people are famous doing bad things. You want people come gossip isit. Zzz. Today's mood not very good. Then I calm down in a few mins later. My mum bought me ice cream. O: Woops, I forgot to take picture. Lols. Chocolate Chip de. Chocolate Chip rawkzxc your arse off. :D Uhh, Habbo so bored. Wondering why mum at night go out de. She say she go Sally aunty's house. Lol, kay. She go Sally aunty's house to chit-chat. I think so bahs. Gees. Dun care already luh. O: Going to 12am. Haha, I dun feel like sleeping lehs... I wanna buy vip too. Wear the new Christmas clothes. :( Someone grant my wish. Tq, ending here. Byesss~

So today's about today. Lol.
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | 7:20 AM

Hello! I'm here to blog again. :D Today went out with my Cyber buddies. <3 Kelly and Angela. Went to Bishan then dhoby ghaut, then the Serangoun (Ps if spell wrongly), then Ang Moh Kio. Aiya, dk how spell luh. After Ang Moh kio then go home. At Serangoun, we eat Youghurt. *Yummy!* Nice, but very ex leh! When eating, I slipped out my phone and took a picture of it. Lols. Grape flavour. (Y).
 Then walk around some shops, see if got the things we want to buy. Then Angela keep asking us want to go where. Then I say dk. Kelly suggested to go Ang Moh Kio, then we go lorh. Then, Angela brought us to the game station thingy de. She ask us if want to play. I say dw. Lol. Then she go play the basket ball. Almost all in lorh. Pro sia. Then we did some shopping. Then we go take pictures, use the machine de. Then hor wait for 1 hour+ leh. Knn. The two girls inside take picture so long leh. TWO GIRLS only leh. Walao. They inside laying eggs or pang sai worh. == While waiting hor, Kelly say "So long de. Later wait until I sleep uh." Then I laugh lorh. Then she say again "I feel like scolding them lehs. Take one picture need take so long de meh." I agree with her. Mean while, I took a picture of Angela. It's kind of blur, I know. Lols. Chio rights?
 In the end, we decided to choose another machine. Then Angela hungry alr. She buy the.. dk how to call. Fish thingy de, spicy de. Smells nice ehh. Lol. Then go home lorh. :D Angela keep saying we very quiet and also never talk de. Lol. Lalala~ Boredd. Uh, my mum said that she's going out. Late at night still go out. == MUAHAHAH. Like that good mah. Rights? No need sleep early! Or even dun need sleep uh! Like yesterday. Haha, now looking for Kelly. Omg, Kelly darlinq where you go huhs?! Lol. I go look for her luhs. Will continue tomorrow. Last to say is, I enjoy hanging out with Angela and Kelly. And I'm looking forward to hang out with them next time. :D

Today's post is here.
Monday, December 6, 2010 | 8:06 AM

Okay, it's just a normal day. But, pretty much scolding, huh. D: My mum called my to bathe, and I thought my mum is talking to my sis. == Then I never bathe lorh, then mum scold me. :< My sis also never bathe. Lol. Then just now my dad took my hp, dun know for what de. Then he go look at my msg leh. == Like I got no privacy de. Also never ask me lehs, he see my play comp, then he snatch my hp leh! So bad right. Dad, please give me some privacy! Tolong tolong luh. LOL. Just ate much of Durian Sweets! *Yummy* Haha. Bored bored boreddd! I hope holidays will end soon. Oh, nonono! Uh, yesyesyes! Zzz. If holidays end, I only can play comp during weekends, omg! My dad say that my results all drop. Lol, Ikr~ Keep playing comp until become nuts! *Giggles* Yes, NUTSSSS! :D Uh, btw, changed blogskin, hahas. Not very nice luh. :( But also, not bad right. :D Check out the doodle also, so CUTEE! Shall end here? Bye.